Thanks for all the prayers regarding the brutal attack on Edu. It has been like ten days now.


Today he had his stitches in the back of his head which bt far were the worst cuts removed, a few more days before the facial and lip sutures. Then in another week, two teeth need to be pulled. He moved into our house once we returned from a holiday, being two days after the incident. He is strong, and his body is healing well. A huge turning point was a couple days ago when he was finally able to smile without feeling pain. If you know Edu, you will realize he is always smiling.



Tomorrow he will move into the empty caretaker’s accommodations and return to light-duty chores for a while as he decides what moving forward looks like. He has decided to move out of Kipsongo (slums), but to where or what has not been determined. We have offered him free rent for a couple months as he gets sorted out.


Last week we attended land court for the 30th plus time, just to find out the court had changed it from a day of testimonies, to simply a rescheduling of dates. Even though we confirmed the day before were given wrong information. Two hundred and fifty bucks for our lawyer’s travel, down the drain. Thank God, she is representing us pro bono, regarding her fees. The court systems are so unorganized. For example, if a judge is taking three weeks of holiday, it is up to the individual lawyer, plaintive or witness to have gone to the courthouse, look over all the bulletin boards to possibly find his handwritten note tacked there.  The courtroom doors are seldom closed, so the dull roar from all those milling around in the halls (because there is insufficient seating in the courtrooms)  people talking on cells, the road traffic, and the tendency for Kenyans to communicate in a soft voice, make it impossible to hear what is happening up at the court front. But, this land issue should be wrapped up this year.


This is one of our beautiful young girls.


Tracy had fainted a couple of times in as many weeks, so we took her for a CT Scan, and she was diagnosed with epilepsy. We are praying that the medicine prescribed,  the amount prescribed, is accurate lastly that the medicine itself is actual, and not some of the counterfeit medicines that make it into the pharmacies, unknown.


Believe it or not, even mission pastors get holiday pay. This time we got away for eight days.  After months of rain every day, we needed some sunshine, so we headed to the only spot in Kenya where the weather forecast promised 30 degrees each day.

We spent the first and last night at some friends’ place in Naivasha (halfway to our destination). They live on 20 acres, with lakefront. Their electric fence around the house compound area keeps out the hippos at night. But they also have zebras, impala, waterbucks, and an occasional leopard on their land. Pretty cool going for a walk and seeing these grazers. The rest of the time we were in the Maasai Mara seeking the great migration. After 12 years, we had never witnessed this eighth wonder.


A Leopard Named Luluka walks alongside our Truck


Actually one of Larry’s Pics

One of the additional blessings on this game drive was that our friends Bud and Kim had hired a personal guide. With him, we were able to go off-road all we liked, (one of my favorite parts). We were able to visit a leopards den in the morning, and then find the mother cheetah and her two absolutely cutest cubs, then go follow an elephant herd, before we got to where the wildebeest cross in the afternoon.



   Happy to pull a couple other trucks out this time around.

       My Snatch Strap, 100% nylon, best recovery tool when it’s muddy everywhere. 

The next day, visited a couple lions who were mating that week. Pull up within 5 meters of the big male, to have the female show up only minutes later wanting to mate. Wild.  Then off to find the coalition of cheetahs called the Five Brothers and follow them into the sunset lighting.DSCN7171

So, we were fortunate enough to witness three crossings, each one greater in number and drama than the previous.



After three days of game drives Bud and Kimberly left, and we shifted to much cheaper accommodations, but which had a pool. We slept, tanned, and rested for two days, before taking in another game drive, before leaving the next day.



Petting a rhino

Turns Out They Love Carrots


Corruption raises its ugly head yet again in Kenya, causing riots in Nairobi. Kemsa, the gov’t agency responsible for distributing money donated by The  Global Fund used primarily to purchase medicine for HIV, TB, and malaria, now CV 19, have mismanaged (stolen) so much that the 60 billion shillings that were slated for Kenya have been held back indefinitely.

This announcement came after an audit by the Fund identified irregularities amid a storm over the multibillion-shilling Covid-19 procurement scandal linked to the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa).

Get this, the agency now says it is broke and wants an Sh5 billion bailout from the government even as it emerged that it cannot account for Sh17 billion given to it in the last financial year.

On the other hand, due to COVID, Kenyan parks are all half price, and so were the accommodations we lodged at. Another worthwhile mention during our time in the Mara is we found ourselves in a remote piece of bush, alongside a famous Canadian wildlife photographer Jeremy Wu. We chatted for 10 minutes as he educated us on the cheetahs we were watching. A really nice guy.

Jeremy wu

Jeffery Wu Stuff


Visiting Tracy’s Bio Mom and Some Neighbor Kids


Some of our kids had a sleepover a  while back, this is some morning singing. 


 Some Random Pics

20200702_114950 (2)

Machetes are Everywhere

Hospital Wheelchair

Hospital Emergency Wheelchair


kenya envy pic


Till next time, thanks for tuning in, thanks for the prayers, and thank you for your support.

Larry & Fran







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  1. Norm Sawyer says:

    Wow as usual.
    Blessings to you both and may God give you the grace needed to fulfill your call and heart’s desires.

  2. Deborah Rhein says:

    I feel I have been on an incredible journey watching your blog. I am hoping Edu will heal quickly. He is so lucky to have you in his life. Loved the wonderful animal pictures and videos. Once again, the Cowboy has come to the rescue in the mud tracks, what a guy! Love you both.

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